Artemide: light with Discovery! …remembering my aunt

A few days ago I was coming back from Trentino by car when Luca, an interior design friend of mine, called me.

I need your help! I’m working on a project for a new kitchen, and the client has asked me to install a ceiling lamp, as if it’s not enough, she wants a lamp that makes REALLY light, and moreover it has to be BEAUTIFUL. Any idea? ”

I do not like the word “ceiling lamp“, it reminds me  those cheap ceiling lamps, bought in the department stores, in which dust and insects accumulate over time. When I heard  “ceiling lamp” I backed on the past,  in a raining Sunday afternoon of few years ago, visiting my mother’s old aunt, and while I was drinking a coffee in a kitchen that smelled a bit stale, I raised my eyes to the ceiling and I saw above me the yellowed ceiling lamp, a cemetery of bugs, flies and spiders. Oh mon dieu!

Withering back the painful memory, I focused on Luca and her client’s kitchen.

I did the usual list of questions: how big is the room, what style does the kitchen have, what color have the hangers, the tops and the details? Color and material of the anti-splash ? Color and material of the floor? Color and finish of walls and ceiling? What light sources are there? How much natural light comes in? Are there Led Lights under-hanging or over-hanging? Lights on the walls?

Imagined in my mind the kitchen, the only solution I found was one: Discovery by Artemide.


Discovery is a lamp available in two versions: suspension and ceiling, which I liked since the first moment I saw it.

Designed by Ernesto Gismondi, it is one of the most projected in the future object I discovered recently: it is made up of an incredibly slim and lightweight aluminum alloy, making the lamp almost invisible, but once turned on it develops an extraordinary brightness.

Discovery is a family of lamps of essential geometry: the project express itself in the technology and quality of light that animates the transparent broadcasting surface. This lamp is a new development of a known optical principle, thanks to the technological know-how of Artemide and the deep knowledge of light.

The lightweight circular aluminum profile is home to a LED strip that captures light in a newly conceived transparent PMMA surface. It is an element that does not invade the environment, totally absent and smaterialized, which only buys volume when it is lit by the light that draws the central emitter surface. The interior looks as if it is transparent, full of light. Absence is transformed into a perfectly diffused broadcasting surface. The light is enveloping and uniform thanks to a direct and indirect emission that guarantees perfect visual comfort.

Discovery has a diameter of 70cm, mounts a 46W strip led, capable of developing 2298lm to 3000K.

Perfect for Luca’s kitchen … but not only!


Pictures and information are coming from the website There isn’t any collaboration/partnership between Artemide and Blog for Light or me.

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