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Bedroom: how to have the best lighting

The bedroom is, with the bathroom, the most private room in the house. It must be intimate and welcoming to help sleep and rest, but at the same time should be light to stimulate vitality and energy on waking.

As always, the secret of good lighting lies in skillfully combining different light sources. Let’s start with the general ambient lighting. For the bedroom, light must be strictly discreet and not dazzling.

How to get it?

The simplest solution is to choose a beautiful chandelier, well-proportioned with the size of the room, whose light, integrated in all the others that we shall soon see, will give the effect we want.

We can also use floor lamps, controlled separately from the lights that we will have to the sides of the bed. One idea that I really like is to install ceiling spotlights and to guide them, for example, to the doors of the cabinet or toward an architectural detail.

If instead we want to get a very scenic effect, simply apply a LED strip under the bed or below the cabinet, so as to lighten the volumes and at the same time have a discrete light, very useful at night. Of great impact and with a little unusual effect is to apply behind the headboard of the bed and along its profile a flexible profile of LED lights. Keeping the headboard to a distance of 4 cm from the wall, we will have throughout the bedroom a striking diffuse halo.

Now that we have the ideal background light, we can focus on the lights to the sides of the bed. To choose two nice table lamps, not necessarily identical to one another, gives to the bedroom a whole new look. If the bed itself is a simple model and a little anonymous, I suggest you to buy two lamps with sophisticated and original style. You will raise the level of the whole bedroom.

As an alternative to table lamps, especially if you have a small space, it can be to install suspended lamps from the ceiling down on the bedside tables. It is a solution that I often suggest to my clients, taking care to help them choose models that do not have the bulb exposed, so as to avoid dazzling effect. Perfect for this use is the Bossa Nova, a suspension made by Selene Illuminazione. The mouth-blown glass, thanks to the special surface processing, projects beautiful and relaxing light effects, creating truly a magical atmosphere.

The light next to the bed also serves to read. If we opted for the table lamps, remember to place them in such a way that the bottom edge of the shade is at the height of the shoulders. In this way the light cone will reach the pages of the book or magazine that we are reading.

As an alternative, we can choose an arm articulated lamp, installed on the wall or LED lamps with flexible arm, which become a kind of small flashlight to orient directly on the page. The advantage provided by this solution is that the light beam is so tightly focused that those who sleep with us will not be in the least disturbed.

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