BenQ e-Reading Eye-care Lamp

Those who follow my blog know how passionate I am about table and desk lamps. I often talk about it because in addition to being light points that help to create a cozy atmosphere, they are also furniture items that I really appreciate.

Among all the table lamps, then, I really love the desk lamps.

Spending all my day at the desk, the lamp that illuminates my work surface plays a fundamental role. I like design lamps, but what really matters, however, is the visual comfort that can give me. For me it is essential that in the evening my eyes are not tired or reddened.

Just looking for a new lamp for my desk, I came across the E-Reading Eye-care lamp produced by BenQ.

A surprise, really positive!

As soon as I removed it from the packaging I was immediately hit by its weight: 4.7 kg. Finally, a lamp with a nice base, solid, not too thick, but wide, where I can stand the pen holder and also the support for the smartphone.

Once positioned, I could immediately appreciate its technical characteristics.

The lamp has a curious “U” shape, which BenQ has names as “Smile curve Tecnology“. The particular shape of the diffuser is the reason for one of the main strong points of this lamp: the width of the illuminated area, which is 90 cm, on average 150% of the area usually illuminated by traditional lamps, with a lighting of 1800 lux.

The other aspect that I really like about this lamp is that I can adjust the temperature of the light. Simply turning a button on the top of the diffuser I can decide to switch from a cold light to 5700 K°, perfect for working, to a light at 2700 K°, warm and soft, ideal for reading a book and relax.

Another strong point that makes me think I found my ideal lamp is the “Zeroflicker technology” that BenQ wanted to make the E-reading lamp an essential item on every desk. Being able to count on a LED lighting totally devoid of the annoying flicker effect, which so tiring for our eyes, is increasingly important.

Last but not least, by activating the WiT mode through a slight touch to the ring placed on the top of the lamp, the BenQ lamp becomes really “smart”: it recognizes the lighting of the environment and calibrates the light emission of its LEDs so as to have optimal lighting on the work surface.

Where can you buy this lamp? On Amazon, for only 178 pounds.

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