Bossa Nova table Venice

Bossa Nova: lamps with the soul of Venice inside

Bossa Nova is a collection of lamps made by Selene Illuminazione that, like no other, represents the essence of the city of Venice. Its simple and linear shapes tell the history, the tradition and the charm that only the Lagoon City can give.

Bossa Nova soul of VeniceBossa Nova is a collection of lamps in blown glass made by Venetian glassmakers who, masters of an art more and more rare, through gestures that remain the same since eight hundred years, produce unique and precious objects. From the sands wisely measured and pigmented, made to melt in furnaces that reach 1500 ° C, they obtain the vitreous mass that, at the temperature of about 1100 ° C , they works with t wooden and metal tools, and through long and thin iron rods they blow up to create the desired shape. A long and arduous job to make lamps with glass with uneven surfaces, on which are drawn internally fluid and sinuous shapes.

The Bossa Nova lamps are, turned off, very beautiful decorative items, but they buy a special charm once lighted. The light through the irregular surface, projects on walls and tables resembles similar to the reflections of the water when the sun sets over the lagoon of Venice. The atmosphere is warm, cozy, quiet and restful.

The choosing of the glass colors was not random. Selene Illuminazione wanted to pay homage to the glass in its essence, choosing to propose their own colors of the fire from which it arises. Hence amber lamps, amethyst, smoky gray and crystal. Natural colors, almost autumnal, infusing harmony and wellbeing, and that can be adapted to any style of home.

Bossa Nova Venice chandelierBossa Nova is available in the suspended version, with chromed metal frame and transparent cable in four dimensions: diameter 10 cm height 26 cm; diameter 11 cm height 16 cm, diameter 15 cm height 21 cm, diameter 23 cm height 21 cm. The suspensions can be used individually or combined  with each other in order to create always unique and different chandeliers.

Bossa Nova is also a table lamp, available in diameters of 10cm, 11cm and 15cm. Put on a table in the living room, on the hallway console or on the nightstand in the bedroom, it makes each environment very serene.

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