How to light up the kitchen

The contemporary kitchen has a minimal style, with linear and clean forms, available in natural materials such as wood essences, matt finish marble and steel. The central peninsula or large workbench are an absolute must, together with large storage container.

More than other rooms, the kitchen is one of those areas of the house that needs a proper lighting, where to have at any time of day or evening a cozy atmosphere but also, at the same time, functional. It continues to be the place where the family stays, a convivial space to share with friends, not only for cooking, but also to eat and converse.

During last years it has been great attention to the food itself, and to its need to be lit by the correct light, to preserve the natural colors and to enhance its appetizing. A lot of studies have shown that the right light stimulates the appetite and at the same time improves the perception of the taste of what we are eating. The goal is obviously to get as close as possible to natural light, preserving the color and brilliance of what we eat.

Once bought the kitchen, I suggest, therefore, to set three types of lighting, which will make a perfect mix ensuring maximum environmental pleasantness.

Functional lighting

Designed for the work plans. To light up the work area is one of the most important components. Here light helps to see your food well, carry out the preparation and follow cooking. For this area, the best choice you can do today is to install LED lights, which require a very low power consumption, do not develop heat and allow optimal performance. There are many in the trade, such as for example the devices of the Osram LEDs that provide a warm white light, or the lamps always Osram LEDs, which are also dimmable. For this they then associate strips Led lights or applied under the wall cabinets, or inside the furniture and drawers.

Decorative lighting
Allowing you to enhance the style of cooking, helping to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Choosing the right suspension for the table, for example, furnishes the room and at the same time provides the right light.

A very interesting solution that matches very well with the style of contemporary kitchens is the Lampara by Selene Illuminazione. Re-interpretation of a classic of industrial style, this product is the ideal solution for the contemporary kitchen. Installed alone over the table, or in sequence, of two or three lamps above a peninsula, Lampara provides all the light which is needed. The lampshade made in hancraft blown glass, is available in different colors (red, white, black) as well as transparent with the bulb holder in copper and colored wire. It can accommodate any LED or fluorescent lamp dimmer.

Environmental lighting
To give light to any room. It must be designed in such a way as to eliminate blind spots and not create unwanted glare, or to create special scenic effects, intended to focus attention on a detail or an object in the room. Perfect in this case in the recessed solutions or track, which together with the wall lights complement the decor. A good idea might be represented by Laser Blade System 53 IGuzzini, the technical performance and very beautiful style.

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