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How to light home working area

Some time ago I wrote about how to illuminate the work area, putting my attention of the meeting room. Today I want instead to explore the theme of how to illuminate the working space that we have at home. 

It is common that companies give their employees the option of working from home, even if only a few days a week. To have a space dedicated to the work becomes essential and a good lighting is a basic requirement to perform the job.

The office area can be obtained in an attic, in the basement, or even in an outbuilding in the garden. Whatever your choice, the first thing to do is, as always, to think of the ambient lighting. It is better to create it through indirect lighting, such as lamps and chandeliers, casting light to the ceiling or to the walls.

For example, if you decide to convert your attic in an office, and this has the exposed beams, use them as a support for the assembly of low-voltage halogen spotlights. If the beams are brown or dark color, they are prefer spotlights bronze or blacks, instead if the beams are light in color, do not doubt to use spotlights with satin aluminum finish.

OfficePOD for home officeIf you prefer to move the office away from home, availing of a small wooden house in the garden or a prefabricated structure, I suggest you to have a look to OfficePOD, a modular structure and a futuristic design that creates a real office, complete with everything, ambient lighting already included.

Once you have a beautiful ambient light, concentrate on finding a task lighting.

Any advice about:

  1. Prefer free-arm lamps. This way you can direct the light wherever you need more easily, without find yourself working in shaded areas.
  2. Choose LED lamps, which provide a better visual performance, reducing minimum eyestrain, as well as allowing significant energy savings and longer life.

There are thousands of products on the market, suitable for all budgets. Beyond the great classics such as Tolomeo of Artemide that everyone knows, I invite you to expand your horizons in terms of design and decorate your desk with lamps a little less known, but which reveal a great attention to the design and functionality.

Right now I like three products in particular:

  1. Spock by Bover. It is a table lamp with a simple design, functional and attractive. Spock provides a focused light obtained through 4 LEDs. E ‘perfectly adjustable thanks to the arm that rotates 360 ° and the tilting diffuser up to 25 °.
  2. Jackie, produced by Panzeri. It is a task lamp of which I like its elegant simplicity. Linear, clean, perfectly balanced, is the object that now I would like on my desk.
  3. My Way produced by Selene Illuminazione. It is a floor lamp designed to be flanked the desk. It is equipped with dual LED that emits light toward the ceiling is that to the table, all dimmable, for every hour of the day the perfect light.for home office My Way by Selene
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