How to turn a bathroom in a spa

How the light turns a bathroom in a spa

It’s arriving the first cold, the weeks are rich in commitments and often we come back home Friday evening literally exhausted. What could be better than a hot bath in our bathroom, surrounded by a soft light, relaxing music and maybe even a nice scent?

In recent years, the bathroom, from area of the house to keep almost hidden, has become not only a room to be furnished with care, but a real place to take care of us, pamper ourselves, and recharge our batteries.

Each of us would occasionally to spend a weekend in a luxurious spa, including steam baths, regenerating massages and miraculous creams, but the good news is that, with a few tricks, we can recreate the same atmosphere in our bathroom at home, every day.

In a previous article I talked about the proper lighting for the bathroom, with an emphasis on its functionality. Today I want to focus instead on a specific lighting, the one that can make us feel good, to make us forget the tensions of the day and give us very special moments.

A decisive role is played by LED lights, especially RGB, that emitting light of varying colors, are good for our mood.

A strip LED placed along the bottom edge of the tub, diffuses a warm light and muffled throughout the room, favoring total relaxation during a hot bath.

If you don’t have the opportunity to apply the LED lights, don’t worry: a series of small lit candles placed along the edge of the tub will give you a very similar final effect. The important thing is that, in addition to being immersed in the water, you feel even bathed in light.

Some of bathroom furniture companies also offer tubs which already fitted inside them a LED light: once filled, the water takes the reflections of the emitted color.

Do you not have a bath or simply do you prefer the shower? No problem: today in less than one square meter you can recreate the best of spa.

For years the water-light combination was seen as dangerous, but thanks to technological innovations and the appearance of LED lights, this combination has become synonymous with relax.

Many of fittings companies have started to produce large shower heads, some of the same dimensions of the shower tray itself, incorporating small colored LED lights and recreating an evocative, starry sky in miniature.

Controlled by remote control, the LED lights continuously change color or emit a steady light of a certain color, so that you can benefit of the effects of the color therapy while you are having a fantastic shower.

If you want to improve your mood, the red light will be of great use. If you want to stimulate your creativity and intellectual activity in general, do yourself a shower under a beautiful yellow light. To win the daily stress, earning calm and concentration, the light will be green. At last, if you are looking for a relaxing but also refreshing effect, maybe during a summer evening, get a blue color light.

The effect of colors on your mood and the hot water on our body will make you feel particularly well.

Axor shower lightIf you don’t like the colored lights, but you need a special shower and a relaxing light inside, I mark you a product that I love: the shower-lamp created by Japanese designer Oki Sato for Axor. In the circular head, from which the water comes out with a real rain effect, it is inserted a 5 watts LED bulb. Water and electricity are located in the same arm, but in two separate conduits, super tested and certified.

It is a product that creates a magical moment: close your eyes and you seem to be in the tropics, under a warm rain, illuminated by the moon.

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