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NARCISA: collection of lamps inspired by the myth of Narcissus

Inspired by the myth of Narcissus, the collection NARCISA, designed by Filippo Mambretti of Mambrò Design Studio for Selene Illuminazione and presented at Euroluce 2017, during Il Salone del Mobile at Milan.

Made in metal and glass Narcisa collection is characterized by a different use of the glass component, which is not limited to play an aesthetic and decorative role, but it becomes a structural element, totally integrated inside iconographic morphology of this model.


As Narcissus was mirrored in the waters of the lake admiring its beauty, in the same way the light – (produced by a COB LED 22W in small suspensions and 3 Led smd 12W in large suspension and table lamp) – it is reflected on the tempered glass plate element, cast by hand, reverberating, amplified, in the surrounding space.


The Narcisa collection consists in two suspensions and a table lamp, presented in the following colors: mat black, white and mother of pearl.

The table lamp is characterized by the original power cable made in fabric, that protrudes from the upper part of the diffuser. The lamp is dimmable.

narcisa_tavolo-bianca selene_narcisia_tavolo_nero

Narcisa is one of the news presented by Selene Illuminazione during this beginning of 2017, with which the Company located in Marcon, close to Venice (Italy) integrates the stylistic renewal process that began last year during the Light & Build fair in Frankfurt.

The new collections are the result of the collaboration with new designers, as Filippo Mambretti, interpreting the light in different way than done in the past, but remaining firmly faithful to the Venetian glass tradition and the craftsmanship of metal working, which have always been the heart of Selene Illuminazione production.


Filippo Mambretti

Filippo Mambretti was born in Como on 1981. During the last year in Politecnico, Filippo started his professional activity working in Italo Rota’s office for a short period of time. Afterwards, he cooperated with Francesco Murano in both MayDayDesign and Spheradesign offices.

In 2008, he created MakiStyle office, so that he could attempt to innovate design as much as possible, revolutioning communications and projectings. Nonetheless, he left the office in 2010 and, in 2011, he joined SpheraDesign’s staff as a working partner.

Teacher and professional in the field of product design and interior design winner of numerous design awards including, Infiniti Design Contest 2011, Castelli Design Contest 2012 and Autoprogettazione 2.0.

Currently, in addition to devote himself to teaching at the SSS_AA, the CSIA and the Polytechnic of Milan, heads the design studio Mambro Design Studio based in Chiasso, active in Switzerland and throughout Europe, thanks to the lively collaboration with various entities industrial product design and architectural design.

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