lighting fabulous garden

The right light for a fabulous garden

A beautiful garden gives value to the home, highlighting the beauty of the architecture, or also making nice the simplest construction. We are used to look at and to live the gardens during the day. We appreciate the well-cut grass, the colors of flowers, shade trees and privacy that give us the hedges, but it is at night that the same garden can buy a completely different charm.

It does not matter if we have hectares of land outside the home, or a simple handkerchief of land. Every garden, if well cared for and above all well-lit at night can become fabulous.

We see some little tricks to create amazing effects with light.

Start from the house. Illuminate the entrance with a lamp well marched with the style of the house. We can choose a wall lamp or, if we have a porch, a beautiful pendant lamp. Whichever model you choose, provide it with a twilight LED bulb. It will turn on by itself with the loss of sunlight, staying on only at night and ensuring you save energy.

Once you lit the outdoor area at the front door, take care of the walkway. Small spots built in the walkway itself will make up a very useful and very attractive bright path.

Done it, we can devote ourselves to illuminate the garden spaces, carefully choosing which areas and what details you want to highlight and which in the shade. Trees, hedges, vases, sculptures: evaluate the shape, the dimensions and as regards the plants also the color of the leaves.

If you have a spruce or a cedar tree, light it from below with a cold light that will highlight the silvery color of the foliage. If you want to create a focal point on an oak or a beech, always enlighten them from below, but with a warm light. The light from below, with spot lights recessed into the ground or with a spike, is also perfect to create beautiful play of light and shadow through the hedges and bushes.

You can make impressive your garden, hanging from the branches of a tree of small metal lanterns, that during the day will seem bird houses, and during the night will emanate a soft glow.

Do you have a fountain or a pond? At night, with the right lighting, will make your garden the fairy realm. To revive the water tank will be sufficient few small candles placed along the edge. If you have a fountain, install optical fibers in water jets so that the jets will seem illuminated from within.

Finally, if in your garden there is also a terrace which used to relax or have dinner with friends, match the lighting with the rest of the garden. Read my article on how to illuminate the terraces: you will find many useful tips.

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