How to survive the back-to-work blues

Summer holidays are ending. Many of us is coming back to work during this week, someone else will come back next week, for sure, from next Tuesday all of us will be curved on our office desks.

As every year, newspapers, magazines and the world of the web dedicate articles to the blues following the back to work. It seems that returning to office after a few weeks of holiday makes us unhappy. How can we avoid the post summer vacation sadness?

Frankly I think that, if going back to our job after a short pause makes us so stressed, maybe it would be better to re-evaluate our professional choices and to start looking for a new job.

Unlike many people, I live the returning back to the office after the summer vacation as a new beginning, just as when I was child and the school year started again.

I like to spend a few hours before the Monday of return, to rethink what happened from January to August. I’m read the agenda page where I wrote the New Year goals during the Christmas holidays, and I take a quick look at the situation.

What has gone wrong? What good? What can I do to improve myself?

Then I take a page of the agenda (usually the Sunday before the return to the office) and I write down 3 things (goals) for each area of my life (work – personal life – health & well-being) on which I want to focus my attention on the four months missing at the end of the year.

These are not big things, but small things that have great importance for me and that all together will help make my life just happier.

Done it, being back in the office a new beginning, I bring with me something new. Small things that, just like when we went to school, will be profoundly new.

A couple of pens bought in stationery, or a new PC mouse pad, a jar purchased on holiday that becomes a pen holder, a greasy plant like a succulent, and why not, a NICE DESK LAMP.

I like desk lamps: they not only give a more sophisticated touch to our workstation, but they have a fundamental function to properly illuminate the work area avoiding shadows and integrating the general illumination.

I looked for some beautiful lamps among those offered by some brand not often known for lighting: Maison du Monde, Ligne Roset, and some small crafts companies that are selling their products on Etsy.

Let see what I chose for you.

chloe back to officeCloe: desk lamp in copper metal and wood.

Sizes: 57x18x 40cm. Bulb E27.

Distributed by Maisons du Monde (www.maisonsdumonde.com)

Euro 57,90





so blush back to officeSo Blush: desk lamp in copper metal.

Sizes: 43x16x 13cm. Bulb E14, 9W Led max.

Distributed by Maisons du Monde (www.maisonsdumonde.com)

Euro 29,99







philadelphia back officePhiladelphia: adjustable desk lamp industrial style, made in wood and metal made look older.

Sizes: 61x16x 40cm.

Distributed by Maisons du Monde (www.maisonsdumonde.com)

Euro 89,99







sweden back officeSweden: desk lamp in clear wood and metal painted color white.

Sizes: 64x20x 39cm.

Distributed by Maisons du Monde (www.maisonsdumonde.com)

Euro 89,99






elidi back to officeElidi: design Industrial Orchestra. Structure in metal painted in satin white; lampshade in fabric Chintz color white. On the base we find a useful USB door, useful to recharge smartphones, tablet and other electronic diveces. Led light 10W included, developing 940 lumens at 3000K. Through a lever it is possible to reduce lighting intensity to 420 lumen, perfect for reading.

Distributed by Ligne Roset (www.ligne-roset.com). Price on request.


campanule back to officeCampanule: design Debiasi & Sandri. Table lamp in satin metal. Led bulb 1x11W 220 V included.

Distribuited by Ligne Roset (www.ligne-roset.com). Price on request.





sitar back to officeSitar: design Christian Werner. Luxury desk lamp made by metal structure lacquered color back and lamshade in blown glass color black. Cable in black color. 3x3W G9 220V Led lamp included.

Distribuited by Ligne Roset (www.ligne-roset.com). Price on request.




banchiere back to officeBancher or Churchill table lamp. For whom wants a touch of a very classical style, this lamp is the lamp. Timeless, beautiful and ever original. There are a lot of companies that are producing this lamp. I chose one small Italian artisan that it is selling this version on Etsy.

Structure in massive brass with lampshade in glass color green. Size: 38×25 cm. Bulb E27 not included.

You find it on Etsy shop “Illuminazionedepoca“. Public price euro 139,00







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