MY WAY: great idea to light the workplace

My Way SeleneWhen we work, we need the right light. It is a matter of health for our eyes, but also the effectiveness of our work. Inadequate lighting, poor or too intense, can make hard to focus and increase the sense of fatigue.

It has recently been introduced into the market a lamp that can be an excellent solution both for office and for the working space we have at home.

If at home we have a table where we work or we devote to our hobbies like sewing, DIY, and so on, it is essential to have a proper light.

MY WAY is a floor lamp made by Italian lighting company Selene and designed by ITEA Design Group, that will be surely perfect for you. MY WAY is a project started two years ago, in which Selene has poured all its knowledge obtained inalmost 50 years in the production of lamps, to meet the specific needs of people who spend long hours at a desk for work or at a table for their hobby.

It consists of a solid metal structure with the shape of Z, powder coated in white color, 175 cm high, and it has been designed to be positioned close to the table, ensuring that the light comes from a proper height to whomis sitting.

MY WAY emits light both downwards than upwards: two LEDs strips are mounted so as to illuminate both the ceiling, and then create a beautiful indirect light, that the table, where the light spreads evenly and without shadows.

The standard light emitted is 3,900 lumens, 2700 ° K, that is warm white, but on request can be provided with LEDs able to develop 3000 ° K or 4000 ° K, for those who wish a more cold white light.

My Way Selene on

A single switch allows you to turn on and off the lower or upper LEDs, while a nice remote control allows you to adjust the brightness, depending on the time of day or the place where you place the lamp.

Despite being born to a technical feature that decorative, MY WAY fits very well to be inserted in your living room, perhaps near the reading armchair.

On request, also, instead of the standard LED, you can install the RGB LEDs, that emit relaxing lights in various colors, whose intensity and frequency are always controlled by remote control.

MY WAY is a lamp made to last: durable, it weighs14 kg and mounts LED lights of a rated life of 50,000 hours. Assuming you leave it on for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, before having to replace the LED will spend 24 years !!In short, you may be retired !!!

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