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Case history: San Josè pub lit by M&M Luce

The case history of this week is the pub San Josè, a famous bar, built recently, located in the north of Italy, in the province of Treviso. To light all the external part of the building had been chosen lamps made by M&M Luce, a young company that offers a high quality LED lighting, distinguishing itself thanks to the wide range of products, contemporary design and a meticulous attention to details.

Now let’s see in detail the choices made for this project.

The lighting for outdoor areas – access entrance and driveway – has been designed to create suggestive lighting effects. It has been installed ceilings lamps model Zelos and recessed spotlights model Sidone, both with 30° optics.

M&M Luce San Josè 3058_Zelos_vers2

The ceiling lamp Zelos, 80x80x112 mm in size, features 6 LEDs of 1W and it is IP54. The lamp body is made in aluminum alloy, it has a front protective glass and presents a withdraw non-dazzling optic for a high visual comfort.

The recessed spotlight Sidone, available in round or square version, also mounts 6 leds 1W and it is IP65. Body and flange are made on aluminum alloy, it has protective glass and withdraw non-dazzling optic. Easy to install thanks to the springs or to the casing, it is available in 6 colors of light.

The wall of the building was enhanced by the light emitted from the applique Olimpia, which highlights the texture of the wall. Olimpia is a one-way wall lamp IP65, with 3×1.7 W LEDs. The body is made in aluminum alloy, light and durable, and it has a front protective glass. For this project it has been selected 30 ° optics, with LED 3000 K.

M&M Olimpia 3029_Olimpia_vers2

Outside of San Jose pub there is a nice garden, that is illuminated by the garden bollards model Lik, by M&M Luce,  able to create a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Lik is a one-way garden bollard IP65, with 56×0,09W LEDs. The body is made in steel and measures 100x35xH305mm. The front protective resin coating is a further guarantee of durability of this beautiful outdoor lamp, with a contemporary design.

Lik M&M 

Last but not least, to illuminate the parking area it had been applied on the wall some recessed asymmetrical spotlight model Argor. Argor is IP65, and it has 1 led by 1.7 W. It has the body and flange in aluminum alloy with frontal protective PMMA. Available both in the circular version square, it is ideal for illuminating walkways.


If you have a project and you want to buy high-quality products, with contemporary style, built to last time, please contact M&M Luce. M&M Luce will be happy to help you choosing the products most suited to you, providing you with a complete lighting study and a really excellent after-sale service.

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