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Illuminate a place of worship. The case of a church in Italy

To illuminate a place of worship requires great experience and professionalism. Whether it’s a church, a mosque or a temple, the designer working on this type of building knows that light plays an important role. It must be the tool by which to create, first of all, a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, suitable for meditation, prayer and aggregation. Place of gratitude, hope, humility, and faith.

Very often churches, mosques and temples are also places of great historical and artistic importance in which architectural elements such as columns, vaults, ceilings and niches, and coatings such as mosaics and marble must be adequately highlighted as an expression of the greatness, omnipotence and the magnificence of the faith.

An example of how a well-designed lighting and the choice of high-quality lighting products can enhance a place of worship and create the most suitable atmosphere is the church located in the town of Cimavilla (TV), Italy.

The heart of the church, the altar, is backlit by linear lamp model Jetro placed vertically on plasterboard structure, produced by the firm M&M Light.

church altarJetro is a linear lamp, easily installed on the ceiling or wall by using hidden clips. The lamp, made by extruded aluminum alloy and with front cover in PMMA, mounts 196 LEDs per meter, each one with power of 0,09W. It is available with diffused and transparent opticals, and with three different colors of light: 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, with real lumen between 1312 and 1753 (depending on the optical / light color combination). Jetro is IP40.

The effect is to make the altar the central element, bringing the attention of those who enter in the church to the large crucifix above it.





The general lighting has been achieved through floodlights model Sephiro by M&M Luce, installed not visible along the roof beams. They project light up on the wooden ceiling, diffusing an uniform, warm and indirect light.

ceiling church

Sephiro is an adjustable floodlight IP66 with 6 LEDs of 1W each. The body is made of aluminum alloy, with front glass to protect the LEDs, while the bracket is made in steel. The lens is retracted, in anti-glare position, so as to ensure excellent visual comfort. It is available in three colors of light: 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. They may be selected in 4 different opticals: 30 °, 50 °, 70 ° or diffused. The real lumens are between 479 and 596, depending on the combination made. Sephiro is a product which is guaranteed 5 years with a LED life of 60,000 hours.


Finally, it was decided to enhance and bring out the beautiful rectangular columns that mark the nave, building in the stylized capitals recessed spotlights model Zaran by M&M Light. Powerful and light, they diffuse a concentrate light with an adequate intensity along the entire height of the columns, creating a perfect accent lighting.

columns church

Zaran are recessed spotlights with body and flange made in aluminum alloy, available in three colors (light grey finish, dark grey and white). They are easily installed in the ceiling with springs or with the casing. The withdrawn non-dazzling optic ensures the best visual comfort. It can be purchased in the 3000K, 4000K or 5000K version, with opticals 30 °, 50 °, 70 ° or diffused. The real lumen are between 504 and 627.

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