Spiller pub in Padua, Italy

Spiller is a chain of popular pubs in the north of Italy. Currently it has six restaurants, five of which the illumination was supplied almost entirely by the company Selene Illuminazione located in Marcon (Venice), Italy. In this article we talk about the pub in Padua (Italy).

Unlike the majority of the chains of restaurants that are characterized by very similar furnishings, if not identical, or similar location to each other, the Spiller pubs are distinguished in that because each one is unique and original.

What remains is the the same and recognizable style, rustic-chic, but other than that every place is different. The menus change from city to city, the furnishings are always personalized and each new pub is an opportunity to propose new designs.

In Verona, for example, it is located in a busy central area and it has an exquisitely mountain style; in Bardolino, on Garda Lake, it is located a short walk from the town center, in the building that once housed a disco and it  has a contemporary style, little bit London; in Padua is located instead in a beautiful ancient former brickworks, where the most striking architectural details like the large gallery with vaulted ceilings and the brick walls were retained.

For the pubs Spiller Selene Lighting has provided both standard then bespoke lamps, unique and original, demonstrating once again to be an excellent supplier for the lighting environments for the catering business.

Among the standard products used in almost all the pubs we find the Nest suspension.
Nest for pub Spiller PaduaNest are metal suspensions composed by decorative elements in steel laser cut and mounted in a radial pattern in a double row. The inner row may be provided in different colors in addition to white (black, red, and of course any other color on request). The effect is a suspension that transmits a great sense of depth and volume and that once lit offers atmospheric lighting effects. In Spiller pubs installed the suspensions diameter 40 cm and height 30 cm, with three 70W-E27 bulbs.

The other chosen lamp, perfect for bars, restaurants, pubs, but also for the home kitchen, is the Big Cap suspension. It is a suspension with a glass diffuser of the diameter of 40 cm and 11 cm height. It is realized using a particular technique which gives it the shape of a crown cork, just like those of the beers and many popular drinks. Available in white glass, silver and black, in Spiller pubs were installed ones in gold finish, which helps to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Big Cap for pub Spiller Padua

Among the products on measure and design provided by Selene must remember the wall lamps with metal frame and custom glass shade with the symbols of the pub; numerous metal chandeliers 5 arms thin, simple but high impact and finally the beautiful chandeliers “green bottle.”

The designer who oversaw interior proposals was looking for an idea for a series of chandeliers that remind the theme of beer. The Selene development products office, involved in the search for a solution that combined aesthetics, functionality and departure concept, designed a chandelier with simple shapes, and made unique by creating a very special lampshade. The lampshade is a kind of large glass ring composed of recycled glass bottles of beer, flattened and fused, while maintaining a constant thickness in each. The end result are chandeliers with rustic-style, unique in their genre, which spread a pleasant light with green hues.

Custom light for pub Spiller_Padua