Video-references: Selene presents itself in a different way

Today I want to share with you a video-references.

Usually, a company that supplies products for contract projects (hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafè, cruise ships, and so on) presents its references through a book.

The reference book is the main marketing tool used by companies to show to interior designers, architects, sub-contractors, contractors and clients the projects they took part supplying their products.

Who works in contract projects needs to explain which kind of products they are able to produce, paying attention to the ones customized or realized “bespoke”, it means following the drawing  made by the architect/interior designer.

Usually they are unique and original products, produced for a specific project, that give to the whole building a “special touch”, that makes it different.

Selene Illuminazione is an Italian lighting company that produces custom and bespoke lamps for contract projects. Starting from a sketch, they are able to develop any kind of lamp – suspensions, chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps – using different materials – glass, christal, iron, steel, fabric, wood, marble.

Until few days ago they promoted themself using their reference book, but it started to be not so effective. Architect and interior designers don’t have time to leaf through it, too busy to pay attention to a company already chosen as supplier by important international hotels companies (like Marriott), but not famous like some Italian lighting brand.

For this reason Selene Illuminazione took a simple but cleaver decision: replaced the book reference with a video-reference.

Watch it!

It is easy, but nice, made with zero budget. In only 2 minutes you can understand what Selene can do for your projects and problems it can solve.

Thank you for watching 🙂

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