4 golden rules for buying lamps

Today I write you about 4 golden rules. When we decide to buy a new lamp, we visit all the furniture and lighting stores within 30 miles. We are welcomed by dozens of proposals and choose one of them becomes really difficult.

For this reason, I decided to prepare this vademecum consisting of 4 simple rules that will make you bring home the right lamp for you.

Unlike other posts where I gave you tips on the kind of lamp to buy according to your needs and the room of the house to be furnished, these rules do not concern the style of the lamp, but the lamp as a purchase object.

Let’s suppose that after so much wandering, you have selected a group of 3 or 5 lamps all potentially suitable for you. How to make the ultimate choice? How not to go wrong?

Simple: use the QVCA acronym.

Q, V, C, A: four magical letters, representing 4 infallible golden rules that will guarantee you to spend your money well, choosing the perfect lamp for you.

Let’s see them together, one by one.

Q = Quality

Among the options you have selected, choose the one with the highest quality. Look the details, make the difference. Is it a metal lamp? Pay attention to the welds: they must be so well made that you don’t see them. Check for lacquering: the color must be homogeneous and with a suitable thickness (at least 3 microns). If by simply passing a light nail you scratch it or see the metal underneath, let it go. If it is a glass lamp, check that the glass has no flaws or bubbles, except if it is a blown glass. If there is a blown glass lamp between your options, you will most certainly prefer it: by purchasing it you will acquire a unique and unrepeatable piece, something you’ll only have. Finally, ask the shopkeeper if the lamp respects your country’s security laws: be uncompromising, if you have a doubt that it is not safe, leave it where it is!

V: Value

The word “value” does not mean “expensive”. Choose a lamp that has intrinsic “value” in itself, in terms of design, workmanship, and history. There are many companies whose products have a correct price, and at the same time offer great value.

Quality is already a value, but I advise you to choose the lamp not only well done, but also that it is the result of a great work in terms of design and realization. If that lamp has also a story, it is the better. Take, for example, the story of Selene’s Dina lamp: it’s the story of how it was born part of the success it gets.

Last but not least, ask for the service and after sales service. If you break a piece of the lamp, will it be easy to buy the replacement? If you have any doubt about the installation, can the company help you in a short time?

C: Consistency

What does consistency have to do with lamps? Oh, much more than you can imagine.

Consistency is one of the qualities that characterize the longest companies, which have been on the market for many years. If they have overcome difficult times and dark moments and survived, it is because they have never disappointed their customers. With this I do not want to tell you not to buy lamps from companies just founded (in which you can find the genius and creativity that others lack), but remember that experience in companies, as in people, can make a difference. Find out who are the companies that produce the lamps you are considering, visit their websites, read their story and then make your choice.

A: Authenticity

Always choose something authentic, original. Do not fall in cheap copies. Do not do it for ethical and for strategic reasons.

Ethical reason: buying a copied product will finance those companies that are enriching themself by stealing the creativity of other companies. About it, I invite you to read my post “copying is stealing”.

Strategic reason: buying a copy will remind you to yourself and who will come to visit you that you are not rich enough to have the original.

So, choose an original, different lamp, which thanks its “uniqueness” will not bore you, never. A piece to show with sincere pride. A lamp that every day will say you “you have good taste” and not “you are broken”.

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