IKEA: how to light bedroom. Watch the video!

IKEA is an institution. All at home we have at least one IKEA product, bought or received as gift. From the furniture, to accessories, to the different crafts, to the Swedish meatballs, the IKEA world over the last 20 years has contributed, more or less, to the furnishing of our home. Lighting included.

I have to be honest: even though I’m an estimator of the Swedish company, I do not like their offer of lighting. I do not like IKEA lamps, either by style or way they are made. I think it cannot be different, considering  the job I do. I understand, but I do not agree, the choice of all those who, waiting to buy “definitive” home lighting, decide to install “temporarily” chandeliers, appliques and IKEA table lamps. What should be “temporary” quickly becomes “definitive” and one day you find yourself visiting friends who moved to the new house ten years ago and find above the table in the living room the famous spherical paper chandelier, bought one Saturday afternoon many years ago “just not to see the bulb“, sadly yellowed and dusty. What will they ever get so terrible, then, the bulbs?

That being said, IKEA is a multinational company that is doing its job seriously and has always carried out an extremely effective, intelligent and well-made communication.

A few days ago I found the video below published on their YouTube channel, explaining how to light up the bedroom in the best way. I really liked it and I think so many companies in our market should take the lead, maybe even starting co-marketing synergies with furniture companies.

Watch it! I’m sure you’ll like it.

P.S. The video is published in the official YouTube channel of IKEA. The photo in the beginning of the post is from www.arredamenti.it.

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