Lighting size & placement guide

How many times we are at home with our new lamp and we don’t know where to install it? Which is the best height from the floor? Which is the best distance beetween the lamp and the table, and the lamp and the ceiling? I bought a beautiful chandelier for my hall, but now, what is the best lenght for the cable?

There are a lot of questions to find an answer. I have to tell tou that I’m very happy to have solved all my doubts thanks to Pinterest and, overall, thanks to the author of this amazing infographic made by with the title: “Lighting size & placement guide”. So cute!!

In a very clear way it is explained anything we need, room by room. The size of a lamp for the bathroom has to be different than the size of the lamp for the bedroom, and moreover where to place them changes room by room.

This inforgraphafic makes it really easy!

I love it! I’m sure you so! lighting how to install

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