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Why does a furniture shop have to sell lighting?

Many furniture stores have ceased selling lighting. Some have totally deleted it from their offer (fortunately few), and others consider it  “on completion” of the main order, almost always stemmed from the customer that, seeing a lamp on display, asks to buy it.

WHY? If everyone agrees that lighting is furniture, that light plays a key role creating the atmosphere of a room, conditioning the perception of spaces and colors, why furniture stores do not deal with it?

I’ve talked to many dealers and almost all of them have given me the same answer: customers prefer to go to the lighting shops and buy the home lamps by themselves.

Really? I do not think so.

Respecting the great professionalism of the retailers of lighting and lighting work they do, I believe that their presence should not have a minimal impact on the work done by the furniture stores.

I think the real problem lies in the identity of the furniture shops, and on what kind of service they want to offer to their customers.

The customer who is going to the furniture shop is aware that he needs the advice from a specialist, someone who does not just compile an order document in a hurry, but that studies and proposes the best solution for his/her house.

If not, that same customer would go to one of the many retail outlets, he would just choose his own furniture, bring it home or even mount it by alone. It is also a pity if the chosen finishing colors don’t match with other furniture already present or with the color of the floors. Never mind if the furniture is too big for the room or it does not work well with that space.

The customer who goes to the furniture shop wants to be guided in his/her choice, to be sure it is the best possible, and he/she wants his/her new room to be perfect once the fitters have gone.

Correct and well-chosen lighting, well-equipped with furnishings and designed to meet the specific needs of the customer, is what makes a room truly perfect.

Choosing the right lighting is difficult. It is not strolling through dozens of suspensions, one side by side, that one chooses the one that blends perfectly with their own kitchen or their own bedroom. Proportions as well as to the style and luminous yield have to be taken on consideration. Some ceilings are too low to install a suspension, as some lamps may be too large for the room or the opposite too small, and appear insignificant.

It is the furniture shop’s staff who, knowing the space, colors, materials and sizes, can advise the customer, without leaving him/her alone, in an expensive DIY.

I always remind to my clients / retailers that a simple table can become an extraordinary decorative object if the “right” suspension hangs over it, while even the most beautiful kitchen is subdued by sad bulbs or by the wrong chandelier.

That’s the reason because, in my opinion, the furniture shop must sell lighting.

Because it’s the client who asks it. Because if he/she has set foot in that store , it is to have a full SERVICE, and “full service” means giving him/her the room he/she wants, finished and cared for in any detail (although we understand that lighting is not a detail).

Use the great suggestive power that the right atmosphere, made by the light, creates within the shop. Make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible and personalize the exposure with not only the most scenic and original lamps, but also the ones most suitable for our customers’ home.

And let’s stop waiting for the customer asking “do you sell lamps too?”, and learn the lesson from the Swedish colossus: everything that is displayed, it is for sale, everything displayed are ideas for your home … lighting included.


Picture by Ferrious Contemporary furniture shop Uk.

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