Nutella table lamp

Nutella table lamp

Today we talk about Nutella. No, I’m not driving crazy nor devoting to pastry-making…

Let’s start telling you that I’m not a fan of upcycling, , the creative activity that takes objects created for other uses and turns them usually in furnishings. Talking about lighting, up-cycling is done every time a bottle of whiskey becomes a lamp table, an old cup to a suspension for the kitchen, the jar for jam is transformed into a chandelier.

I honestly like the well-designed lamps. I like the attention to detail, the choice of materials and finishes, and I believe in the work of designers and creative professionals.

I know, though, that many person think differently from me and, in fact, in many bars and restaurants this kind of decorative lighting is the host, though often (not always, but so often) the results in terms of aesthetic and functional are rather disappointing. Few months ago I wrote a post about how bad lighting could make unwelcoming a public place.

Said that, I can’t to not mention the Nutella Lamp.

Nutella LampBorn as a promotional gift for those who bought the two-pound can of the famous spread cream, in a few weeks it has become a cult object, super-wanted, pace of thousands of Italian lighting manufacturers who invest every year millions of euro in the design of new products, to consider then a success to sale few thousand pieces.

The idea behind the Nutella lamp is very simple: to take its iconic jar and to make it lighting.

The glass has become a colored diffuser through the technique of sublimation with a patchwork pattern in different colors which reproduces a company logo, while the white cap has on top a touch button to turn on and contains in its interior six led lights encapsulated.

To make it work, just insert the batteries or use the micro USB connector and connect it via the plug to the power.

The promotion is over, it seems there are not more Nutella Lamps available. Who wants one has to look for it in shops specialized in gadgets, thrift shops and ones with items for collectors.

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