Do you need help to choose your new lamp? Contact me!

Do you have just moved home and do not  you know from where to start picking up the chandelier for the living room? Did you buy the new bedroom for your son, but do not know how to choose the bedside lamp? The corridor to the bedrooms is very dark: what are the most suitable wall lamps? Are you refurbishing your kitchen and  you would like to install ceiling lights, but have no idea what is the best solution for you? Do you want to light the garden and w you would like have some information about outdoor lamps?

These and dozens of other similar questions come to me daily from friends, relatives, and, since I started the blog, my readers who do not know how to choose the right lamp for their needs, so they ask for my help.

If you are not in the business, it is really difficult to buy the perfect lamp for any room that meets both functional needs (it must light with the right intensity – neither too much nor too little) and aesthetic.

Light is an integral part of the furnishing: it has the ability to change the atmosphere of a room, to emphasize architectural details, finishes and furniture, as, conversely, if it is badly chosen, it can mortify the most beautiful room, turning off the colors, flattening the surfaces, and making the spaces narrow. That’s why it’s important to choose it well.

If you do not know how to do it and feel lost in the endless proposals you find in stores, department stores and internet: contact me!

Send me a photo of the room for which you want to buy your new lamp, tell me what kind of lamp you would like, what function it should have, what style you like and, above all, how much you are willing to spend.
I will reply within 48 hours giving you all the information about my consultation.
Easy, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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